Banks and brands are under pressure to deliver value as customers demand more meaningful interactions. The economy, though rebounding, is still driven by the deal; consumers feel compelled to seek the lowest possible price, and all but refuse to pay retail for any goods. Customers are seeking better ways to receive these deals: coupons take a lot of effort and Groupons aren’t targeted to consumer interests. This positions banks to be the consumer hero with card-linked offers, allowing the financial institution to preload relevant offers directly to a consumer card for instant redemption.

edo recently conducted  a study with bank customers enrolled in card-linked offer programs. edo connects leading financial institutions with top retailers to create targeted deals preloaded onto customer cards that can be redeemed instantly. We found three key components of card-linked offers that drive considerable value to cardholders.

Key Takeaways:

Simplicity, Convenience, Card Usage Drive Card-Linked Offers

The Simplicity of Instant Redemption

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With cards preloaded with offers, customers simply need to swipe to save at their favorite retailers. Card-linked offer programs allow for this type of instant gratification in store: similar programs take upwards of 45 – 60 days to receive statement credit for offers redeemed.

For banks, this is an excellent way to work with leading brands to deliver a great customer experience at checkout.

Convenience Driving Usage and Trust

Having offers automatically preloaded onto credit and debit cards is a driving factor for the success of card-linked offers. The card-linked program eliminates the need for printed vouchers, custom mobile applications, or forcing the customer to select which offers are activated on their cards.


Increased Card Activity

Another key component of the card-linked offer program is increased card frequency. As banks seek ways to obtain larger share of wallet, card-linked offers can be a differentiator to drive more debit and credit swipes.

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Other programs such as a bank mall model lack the usage, frequency, and consumer-preferred behavior that drives increased engagement.

As a result, banks who utilize card-linked offers can partner with leading brands to drive higher engagement where their cardholders prefer to shop, whether it be in-store or online. This positions the bank as a brand ambassador, connecting merchants with consumers, with a simple redemption process and a compelling offer.

The Future

By 2015, it’s projected that the number of U.S. credit cards enrolled in a card-linked program will exceed 460 million, generating $115 billion in additional revenue.

Banking institutions see this as a winning program to build customer loyalty while increasing card activity. Card-linked offers are quickly becoming a must-have program for forward-thinking financial institutions.

Still have questions about card-linked offers? Take a look at our Financial Institutions page or get in touch with our dedicated FI team today.

Steven Kietz, EVP and General Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Steve leads efforts with Financial Institutions and other major partners at edō. Steve is focused on working with leading financial institutions and channel partners to deliver valuable targeted offers to their customers using the latest technology.

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