“I noticed that when I was driving to and from work, I was only getting in around 2000 steps a day.” -edo VP of Human Resources Stephanie Haynes

We all know that we are supposed to be moving as much as possible during the day in order to lose weight or maintain fitness, but achieving this when so many of our jobs tie us to our desks is darn near impossible.

We also know that having healthy employees not only keeps healthcare costs down, it also means higher energy levels and better performance. Our colleagues are high on life and spreading the word, kids.

edo crosses the finish line at the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

edo crosses the finish line at the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

One of our company priorities at edo is our wellness program, which extends to so much more than just stocking healthy snacks in the kitchen. At edo, we try to incorporate wellness into our core values and offer consistent incentives to keep fit, including fitness reimbursement, sponsoring planned wellness & fitness events and challenges, biometric screenings and health risk assessments. We also offer an employee benefit scheme for Nashville’s B-Cycle and Chicago’s Divvy bike-sharing programs. Since cycling in Chicago can be even faster than the El, around half of our office participates, with two of our employees recognized by Divvy for continuing to bike to work during the Polar Vortex of 2014!

Our CEO, Souheil Badran, is a proponent of Crossfit (that’s all people who do Crossfit ever talk about, right?), and it’s common to hear our colleagues talking about their morning bootcamp class or their evening Pilates session. Chintan, our edo Wellness Chairman (who loves weightlifting and can bench some serious LBs), is currently in the process of organizing a coordinated bike ride across all of edo’s offices in Nashville, Chicago and London. And if you visit edo’s offices, you’ll notice that many employees wear FitBits and other wearable trackers.

A healthy workforce that has mondo amounts of fun while it’s building one of the world’s most effective marketing platforms? Not to brag or anything, but…it’s pretty awesome.

Laura Hayes, PR Manager

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