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Access Research Tools Unlike Any Other Program

Marketplace brings marketing tools to local businesses once reserved only for big brands. Use Marketplace to see your total new customer reach and projected return based on the deal criteria you set. Get Started >

Plan an edo Offer Campaign in Under 10 Minutes

In just three steps, you’ll be on your way to creating a Marketplace offer with edo. Just tell us a little bit about your business, your offer amount and budget, and upload your logo or artwork and we’ll be in touch to flight your campaign. It’s that easy! Get Started >

Measure Daily Results with our Simplified Dashboard

Once your offer runs, you’ll have access to daily performance reports. With our simple bird’s eye dashboard, we’ll show you the number of offers redeemed, total dollars spent, and the number of customers through the door thanks to edo. All presented clearly so you know the exact value your campaign is driving. Get Started >

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Why Marketplace Works

Learn what sets the edo Marketplace apart from other channels to help you find new and loyal customers

Pay for Performance: We only get paid when we drive results.

With the edo Marketplace, you only pay when we drive sales. And since you have complete control over your offer, it’s simple to set an offer that will drive results while offering your customers a fantastic value.

Scale: Helping You Find New Customers in Any Market.

edo already works with three of the top six financial institutions – 200 total – to ensure we’re reaching customers in your neighborhood. By using the Marketplace research tools, you can see exactly how many edo cardholders are near you to drive new sales.

Measurable: Taking the Guesswork out of Marketing.

Once your offer begins to run, edo will closely track offers redeemed through your campaign. You’ll be able to log-in daily to see the amount of offers redeemed, total new customer value, and overall ROI- through an intelligent and simple dashboard that is much easier and more detailed than other programs like coupons, flash sales, radio ads or promotional events.

Customers love it: Nothing is Simpler than Swiping and Saving.

Customers love edo offers because we do all of the hard work. There aren’t any coupons or promo codes to remember, or loyalty cards or clicks to activate. Customers get weekly emails letting them know the targeted offers already live on their favorite debit or credit card; all they have to do is swipe and save.

Your staff will love it: To them, it’s Business as Usual.

edo is just as simple for your staff: there’s no special hardware or iPads, coupon codes or vouchers to collect. And since we target the right customers, you won’t experience a mad rush of new customers who won’t ever come back like daily deals. Your staff just rings up the order as usual and accepts the customer payment. They don’t even need to know about the offer since edo does all of the hard work.

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Client Testimonials

Meet a few edo clients already using Marketplace as we check in with a diverse set of local business partners who had success with our Marketplace program.


Infographic: What $1,000 in Local Marketing Actually Buys

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Compare edo against other popular marketing platforms to see how far you can take $1,000 in marketing spending.

See how edo offers a better value over competing programs, as well as the level of insight you’ll have over traditional marketing promotions.

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