Michelle Fang has spent the past summer at the edo Chicago office, interning with our development team. Below, she shares her experience and what she plans to take back to Vanderbilt University, where she’ll be a sophomore this fall.

If someone asked me 5 months ago what I would be doing this summer, I would have never guessed it would be working in Chicago here at edo. Though I will sadly be leaving in just a few weeks, my time here has been an unforgettable experience.

Who I Am

At the beginning of the summer I was finishing up my freshman year at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN where I am pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science and planning to minor in engineering management.

Fun fact: Vanderbilt is less than 3 miles away from edo’s Nashville office!

Originally I had intended on studying mechanical engineering, but my first CS class had me immediately rethinking my major. As I read through the different mechanical engineering and computer science courses, I realized that the CS classes seemed more interesting to me than the ME curriculum.

Since officially switching majors, I have taken a few core CS classes, ranging from digital logic to data structures, all of which I have done well in and enjoyed.

How I Got Here

Both computer science and edo internships are embedded in the Fang family. My brother George, a rising senior at Indiana University, was an intern at edo least year. Like my brother the summer before, I spent the past few weeks working on interesting development work alongside edo’s full-time developers in the Chicago office.

In addition to introducing me to edo, George also sparked my interest in technology. I wanted to understand computers like he did, and so I began to learn the ways of programming.

I’m basically a pro now…


…Just kidding, this is still me most of the time:


Although we both share a field of interest, our specific goals differ. Aside from computer science, he is also studying business which is an aspect he hopes to incorporate into his future career. As for myself, I honestly am not yet sure what area of technology I would like to focus on; though, I do enjoy the work I have been doing with software development.

During my time here I have become somewhat of a coding chameleon.


Working alongside edo’s development team, I’ve found that each story or bug, while all in the same overall application, focuses on different aspects of the system at hand. I learned to adapt, quickly familiarizing myself with whatever new element I need to focus on, on that particular day.

Recently I worked on a project adding a status field to a pre-existing object. In developing this I had the chance to observe and work on the complex process which goes into creating a seemingly simplistic user interface. It was surprising to see just how many steps went into this task, including but not limited to the field’s creation, display, and mapping to the database.

What I’m Doing Next

After this summer, I’ll return to Vanderbilt to continue my education as a sophomore. I’ve really enjoyed my time here, but I know I still have more to learn. Courses at school provide me with the building blocks of technology; edo has shown me how to put them together.
Back on campus this fall, I’m hoping to properly utilize the skills edo has provided in an actual development environment. I also look forward to exploring all of the different aspects of programming once I have built up a solid foundation of basics. As for post-graduation, do I know what I’ll be doing in 3 years?


No clue… What I do know is that I wouldn’t mind ending up at a company like edo!

Michelle Fang, Intern

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