You might have noticed that here at edo we’ve recently announced two very exciting partnerships, with Rewards Network and SaveAround. By working with these great companies, we can provide even more offers to the 40 million cardholders in our Prewards network.

Rewards Network has over 11,000 participating restaurants that offer deals to diners, while SaveAround’s coupon books offer thousands of dollars in savings and benefit local communities from the sale of the books. By linking up with edo and sending offers on our patented tech platform, small and medium-sized businesses – those companies with just one or two locations, or a handful of sites scattered across a few regions – will be able to reach more potential customers than by traditional advertising alone. Our geotargeting capabilities allow us to send offers to exactly the right shoppers or diners in a specific area, and subsequently track how often they return and how much they spend when they do.

Teaming up with these new partners means we have both quantity and quality of offers for the cardholders at our participating financial institutions, leading to improved customer loyalty, more frequent banking touchpoints and a higher rate of swipes for credit and debit cards.

Laura Hayes, PR Manager

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